September 2016
URGENT Letter to King’s Family  |  General Sands FORBIDS King’s Surrender
King Julian  Kill Switch *  |  NEW JERUSALEM  |  Nov 5  Main Stage
Militia INTERPOL | Bureau Chief General Sands
U.S. Marshals, Navajo Nation, Navy Command, Anonymous, 2/3 FBI, 2/3 Scotland Yard, DC Capitol Police & Anonymous Press

U.S.A. vs. U.S Corp. Articles of Jubilee & Common Sense Pamphlet

Welcome to City of the Sun *

ISAIAH 19:18
KJV’s City of Destruction is NIV’s City of the Sun †
Divinely Opened 1st Day of Sunshine Week *

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King Julian on Throne of David Preceding King Wahab for the Return of Jesus Christ

city of the sun

King Julian, New Jerusalem, City of the Sun, Highest Mountain, Throne of David